If you're looking for privacy in an unrivalled setting, then why not rent a private island for a week?

Black Diamond Lifestyle offers a simple customized service for finding the perfect private island to rent for the holiday of a lifetime. Island rentals have always been a popular vacation option, as well as a way to test certain properties prior to purchase.

Unrivalled Settings

Our choice of islands ranges from picturesque cottages surrounded by snow-covered pines on a mountain lake, to warm tropical paradises in the Caribbean and South Pacific. Most rentals include private spas, a full set of staff, and personally tailored parties. The sky really is the limit.

If you long to be master of your own kingdom, why not look at buying an island? Owning a private island - more than any other type of real estate - ticks every box, fulfils every dream, and nothing compares with the prestige of ownership.

Nothing else says success like a private island. Enjoy the status that comes with owning a personalized retreat surrounded by water. Revel in the connection with nature, feel completely secure (no neighbors, no photographers), take life at your own pace and reap its rich rewards.


Although the initial image that's conjured up may be of a tropical paradise with lush palms, many different properties exist around the world.

Please contact us to receive details about your private island specifications.