vip helicopter charter

Rent or hire a VIP helicopter to take you direct to your destination efficiently and confidentially.

Helicopter travel is Ideal for a private V.I.P executive needing to save time or simply to arrange the best corporate transport imaginable. With us you are guaranteed an executive service and expert advice whether you are taking clients to an important business meeting, or simply require a complete confidential service.

Executive service

Many people who are short on time such as Sport personalities, musicians, Heads of State, international film and television celebrities. Business people choose to fly with us whether it is for business or pleasure, rest assured that hiring a Helicopter through Black Diamond Lifestyle services equals peace of mind.

We have the necessary skill, professionalism and enthusiasm to ensure that your flight is as enjoyable as possible.


Why charter a helicopter for business?

Simple, avoid any possible delays by road, arrive fresh and energized, portray to your clients that their business is important to you, get the maximum out of your day.

Helicopter charter may seem to be a luxury but for some it’s become a necessity, and what maybe seen as an avoidable expense is certainly not the case.

Using a helicopter for business purposes has many benefits. It allows you to avoid the stress of traffic congestion, and time wastage while enabling you to do business in an efficient and effective manner. Helicopters can be virtually self-financing by making more effective use of corporate manpower, enabling an organisation to achieve multi-location meetings in one day and still be home in time for dinner. It can also be tax-efficient business expense without tying up capital in acquisition.

Unlike the restrictions of fixed-wing aircraft we can land in a variety of locations from hotels, hospitals, golf clubs, race tracks, sports grounds to clients premises subject to regulations and local permissions.

The public relations value of a helicopter is invaluable in dealing with international clients, ensuring your company's name is to the forefront in business, whether it is a business meeting, a corporate day at the races or ferrying potential clients and business partners to factory or site inspections.