new build yachts

For those who have enjoyed the charter experience so much that they decide to build a yacht from scratch, Black Diamond Lifestyle offers the perfect place to start. Though some clients prefer to buy a yacht, others like to be involved in the design process from day one to ensure their personal ideas and touch are incorporated into the vessel. Building a yacht is therefore an exciting and rewarding experience. From the very first idea right through to launch, Black Diamond Lifestyle will ensure this complicated and technical process is all part of the joy of ownership.

Your new yacht

Black Diamond Lifestyle together with selected world leaders in super yacht construction, enjoy a close working relationship with the top shipyards, builders, designers, naval architects, project managers, captains, suppliers and financial & legal experts. This allows us to offer the perfect vessel, built to the highest specification and for the most competitive price. In fact, we are able to:

  • Work with you from the start to decide what type of yacht you’re after, whether it be motor, sail or expedition.
  • Suggest a list of designers and have them submit plans for approval.
  • Identify the best designer for a yacht matching your specifications and requirements.
  • Negotiate the price.
  • Manage the project.
  • Apply for safety and security certification and registration documents.
  • Organise the sea trials, commissioning and delivery.
  • Assist in crew selection and management.

We can also advise on the yacht’s charter appeal and its resale potential.

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