We can provide clients with unique travel experiences in some of the most dramatic places on earth, from rainforests and desert plains to the great mountain ranges and the extremes of the Poles.

Tailored itineraries, virgin territories, the best qualified and most experienced guides, supported by the finest logistic teams available: standards are absolute. Regardless of a customer’s level of ability an intimate encounter with Mother Nature at her finest is guaranteed.

Each expedition is a journey of every kind, expect to move and be moved.

If you're going to hurl yourself out of a helicopter, we can't think of a better sidekick than former James Bond film stuntman John Falkiner. This Aussie adventurer is one of a cast of intrepid outdoorsmen (British commandos, counterterrorism specialists--exactly the kind of people you want around when the chips are down) who lead the way on these adventures’ bespoke extreme sports tours.

Itineraries are arranged and based on your fitness level and interests, be it heli-skiing in the Rockies, ascending unconquered mountains in Antarctica, or dogsledding at the South Pole. And because these are the self-styled "Savile Row" of tailor-made trips, you can wash down a day of adrenaline with a dry martini. Shaken, not stirred, of course.

There is hardly a limit on where you can go. Adventurse are organised across the world, from the California coast to the Arctic Circle. Recently, the leader of these tours has organised a stay at a Scotland castle that is not open to the public. We have plenty to offer, from dogsledding and living in ice caves to rain forest treks and helicopter rides to prize fishing spots. There are plenty of thrills for an adventurer to chase after.

The starting price for these package trips are about $7,000 per head, though prices can even touch figures like $500,000 for customised packages. A maximum of six people allowed per trip.