The JetBlack card offers a simple, easy and cost effective approach to chartering private jets. There are no fuel surcharges, no extra catering charges, no surprise bills and since all your flying times are pre-determined, you won’t get penalised for being help up by Air Traffic Control or headwinds. It can also be cancelled at any time with unused hours reimbursed, with no penalty, no admin charge, no questions asked. 

You can use your JetBlack Card anywhere in the world and because we guarantee availability, you have all the peace of mind you could possibly need. Your hours can be used up as quickly or as slowly as you like (there is no expiration), and on certain round trips we will even reduce the billed time by 15%.

We offer a range of the safest and most modern aircraft in each size category. In addition, you can switch between categories as and when required, and the trip is charged at the equivalent rate for that category, i.e. a mid-size jet card holder can switch category to a light jet, and on a 2 hour flight will only have 1.5 hours deducted.

In addition, to JetBlack card holders who introduce another JetBlack client, we add additional free hours so if you became a card holder and introduced a friend or colleague to sign up too, you would receive an additional 2 hours (light jet or equivalent for other categories).

The process is simple – once a block of hours has been purchased and initial contract arranged, a client can request a trip. A one page form is sent confirming details of the itinerary, which is signed by the client and returned. There is no further contract or payment required for each individual trip because this is all pre-arranged.

JetBlack Charter Card

The following factors have helped JetBlack become the card of choice for a growing number of discerning individuals. JetBlack is designed for people who travel on a regular and consistent basis, and who need the peace of mind, flexibility and simplicity of pre-purchased block hours.

• 25 Occupied Hours on a range of light, mid-size and large private jets
• Guaranteed Availability
• No fixed term contracts – unused hours rolled over or refunded on request
• Consistently the most value for money charter card in the market
• One of the largest commercial business jet fleets in Europe
• Predetermined flight times – no surcharge for holds or headwinds
• 15% Discount on all Qualifying Return Trips
• Highly transparent pricing with no fuel surcharges or hidden costs

As soon as you are ready to set up your account, you will be credited with the relevant number of hours after cleared funds have arrived in our account. Most people prefer a wire transfer for this transaction as there are no credit card fees incurred.

You will then receive your introductory documentation and JetBlack padfolio explaining the easy process of making a booking. We can also take a record of the frequent flier’s passport details to maintain simplicity.

We look forward to welcoming you to the JetBlack Card


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