ARCTIC CIRCLE - The Ultimate Subzero Adventure

Welcome to your Arctic Circle experience...

We offer levels of personal service often aspired to, but rarely achieved. A totally bespoke approach to every experience, delivering the very highest standards of satisfaction. A limited number of experiences each year to ensure absolute attention to detail.

The Arctic is mysterious and captivating, a place of peace and unbelievable natural beauty. Experience the phenomenal Northern Lights, go on a snowmobile safari, manage your own team of dogs and spend the night in our exclusive ice caves on an expedition into this remote World Heritage site. You’ll spend time with the local Sami, enjoying their unique hospitality whilst learning how to hunt and survive in this frozen
Arctic world. Then, not for the faint hearted, a chance to heat up in our custom-made sauna followed by a brave leap into a frozen lake – think of it as an Arctic espresso, with a twist!


These are some of the highlights on offer during a week in the Arctic Circle – but remember, this is a bespoke trip designed to your tastes and the pace and flow of the week can build as you wish.

The Arctic is one of our key adventure destinations and our guides have been operating here for more than thirty years. From the moment you arrive you can expect an experience that is quite unlike anything else on earth – a terrain so arresting and yet silent, so mesmerising and yet invigorating. And that’s before you look up, from the top of the world, at the Northern Lights: simply the best show on the planet.



Your adventure begins with a flight into Stockholm, Sweden, and another on to a remote airstrip at Lulea on the edge of the Arctic Circle, before an introduction to our carefully-chosen guide. You’ll be provided with all of the equipment you’ll need before boarding a private helicopter to fly to our remote base camp, where comfortable mountain lodge accommodation and a magnificent traditional Lappish meal awaits, along with the rest of the team. The climate may be sub-zero, but the welcome from the Sami people is as warm as any you’ll find.

First on the agenda the following day, with your comfort and safety in mind given the challenging Arctic winter environment, is some basic safety training and the opportunity to learn new survival techniques, from managing equipment and clothes in freezing conditions to avalanche safety and transceiver work. The importance of examining snow conditions will be demonstrated, too, by digging a snow pit, and there’ll be instruction in Nordic ski techniques. Lunch will be taken outdoors…

Day three and you’ll embark on a snowmobile safari, heading out across frozen lakes into ancient forests, then on into the depths of the wilderness. The scenery is breathtaking and this is a fantastic opportunity to see giant moose, reindeer and wolves in their natural habitat. Lunch means a short hike on snow-shoes to a fireplace dug
in the snow before an afternoon snowmobiling cross-country back to base. Dinner is in the company of Sami guide Nils-Gustav around a camp fire before a night’s sleep in a traditional Sami tepee.

Next morning you head out with Nils-Gustav on Nordic skis, with a reindeer-pulled sledge in tow bearing camping equipment. Your survival classes will include the setting of fishing traps, tracking animals, pitching a tepee and a cookery lesson Sami style. A night-time ski trek to an overnight stay in an Arctic hut will teach you to navigate by the stars before a pre-bedtime introduction to your dog-sledding guide and his faithful pack. They will be your company for the next 72 hours… Come day five and it’s by snowmobile across a billiard table-smooth frozen lake to an open-air lunch and rendezvous with the waiting dog teams. You are taught how to harness and drive a team before heading out by sled for a back-to-basics overnight in a rustic hut. Next morning, having fed and watered the dogs, you’ll head through picturesque terrain on a day-long ride to the next accommodation – a quite brilliant, ready-prepared snow and ice cave lined by reindeer skins. Not that this is a free passage, for pre-dinner you’ll have to dig the snow pits that provide the dogs’ night-time shelter.

Your penultimate day sees breakfast in the snow cave before heading, by sled, across a dramatic mountain plateau (should weather conditions allow). Having released the dogs for the final time a 4X4 transfer back to base camp means a return to creature comforts, a warm bed and a well earned rest.

The final day offers a choice of solo activities to test your new-found survival techniques: on Nordic skis or snow-shoes your group can trek out, set up camp, start a fire and cook lunch and then – using the GPS provided – find your way home after dark. You celebrate your successful return, and the conclusion of your trip, with a dip in a hot tub beneath the Northern Lights. If you’re brave enough, a traditional leap into a freezing lake or a naked roll in the snow will awaken your senses, before a well deserved drink and a traditional feast inside a Lappish hut located in the ancient forest. It’s the perfect climax to an amazing trip.

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