We have asked the owner of DARTZ cars, Leo Yankelovich, to answer our questions, to make it clear to our clients. He has kindly provided short and clear answers. Please read below.

Q & A

Interior - what it will be for each car?

We make interiors on request - there is no standard, all what a client wants.

Are they Auto or Manual? 

Auto. But - on request - manual. Will be MORE EXPENSIVE.

Are they all armoured?

Yes, every car is armoured. Every car is so-called "KAPSULA".

What is the size of their engines? 

6,1 gasoline and 6,2 diesel

Black Russian China Edition has:
Engine: 8.1 litre V8 diesel with 450hp and 850nm.

What are the interiors looks like for each model?

100% customer choice.


1. 3 golden cars from The Dictator movie – starring Sacha Baron & Megan Fox 

One - the dictator's car and two convoy cars.

These are 'cars of the stars'. 

Price from 700k Euro for Convoy cars and Dictator’s car – from 1.5mln euro

(images unavailable due to filming in progress)

2. Black Russian - Price: Starts from Eur 500,000

3. Red Diamond - Price: Startes from Eur 1,000,000

4. Dartz Kombat 4 - Price: Starts from Eur 400,000