Mercedes Viano Conversion

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Some our clients are leading entertainment or sports personalities requiring transportation which allow them to be driven to their destination unobserved but in luxurious surroundings (normally found in a car that would draw attention). We call it “discreet vehicle transportation”.

Vehicle range allows for discreet transportation with an interior built to your specification. The level of comfort and enhanced features is limited only by your imagination.

Primary vehicle conversion is the Mercedes Viano. The quality of the Mercedes Viano reflects the baseline excellence of the vehicles we convert and build. The superiority of the Viano’s build can naturally be taken for granted from a firm of this calibre.

The Mercedes Viano allows them to convert the vehicle into four options. Primarily our clients require the vehicle for discreet vehicle transportation – but, as the following list shows – the applications are numerous:

  • Discreet vehicle transportation for private individuals, entertainment and sports personalities
  • Luxury chauffeur transportation
  • Airport transportation
  • Hotel “meet and greet” services
  • Private individual tours
  • Sports events
  • Media events
  • Mobile offices for senior company executives

The conversion of a Mercedes Benz Viano provides unlimited scope for the client’s individual choice of top quality materials, audio visual products, interior design and layout (seating plan). The generous interior space, provide opportunities for us to tailor the seating configurations to meet your own personal, business or leisure requirements. The following line drawings illustrate some configuration options that are available; your final choice of materials and design is limited only by yours – and ours – imagination.

They adapt and convert any prestige vehicle to a client’s specification – including sports cars and Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) such as BMWs X5s, Range Rovers or similar.

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